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Link Numbers and Going Fast

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Post Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:01 pm

Link Numbers and Going Fast

I have just finished modelling my buggy in sketchup which has been great, being able to move tubes and axles and motors and such by just clicking is great. Now i have just pulled some dimensions off of my design and plugged them into the 4 Link Calculator.

Now i have been reading the Link Suspension for Dummies over on Pirate and im getting through it, But most of the numbers on there relate more to crawling, There is very little on what numbers people are using for Going Fast.

These are the numbers that im starting with at ride heigh

Static Anti-Squat 35 % Travel Anti-Squat: 35%
Roll Center Height 29 in Travel Roll Center: 28.54
Roll Axis Angle -4 degrees (Roll Understeer) Travel Roll Axis: -3.54°
Instant Center X-Axis 1,520 in Pinion Change: 0.00°
Instant Center Z-Axis 182 in Travel Amount: 0.00

What's everones opinion on setting a buggy up for being an all rounder? What sort of AS & RC should i be aiming for?


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Post Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:53 pm

Re: Link Numbers and Going Fast

Think you're reading too much into it & it is common knowledge that the calculator is just a guide, not gospel.

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