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TD Hilux .. Power up time

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Post Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:46 pm

TD Hilux .. Power up time

Hey all,

Onto my 3rd hilux but first TD that I've personally owned, its an 01 D/C with 1kzte motor.
Just installed the scotts rods 3" turbo back exhaust system and waiting to see how it goes over the next few days and a set of 245/75 R16 kelly safari tsr's. In the mean time I've got some plans and ideas for powering up the motor and reducing egt's/intake temps. Overall I want reliable power that I can alternate between two modes, one for general driving around town with minimal load on stock or close to stock boost and as close to stock form engine wise as possible. And then one for loads, motorbike trailer, boat ,fully laiden or 4wding etc. Not after a rocketship but want want to optimize what power it is capable of without spending massive amounts of money.

Going to be adding a bit of weight in general, and already has a canopy which may end up with a set of draws in them otherwise it'll include - rockslider/scrub bars, winch, rooftop tent/cargo rack, awning, possibly a rear bar/step and possible a longe range fuel tank. More of a touring set up with the capacity to tackle some 4wd tracks at 4wd parks etc ( not pushing it to the hardest tracks )

Ive researched various intercooler set ups and costs and am planning on going water methanol injection with a progressive controller, fail safes and large capacity tank ( 5 gallons - approx 19 litres ?! ) to reduce intake temps and egt's. I dont know what boost range to cut it in at yet but thinking 10psi upwards. This will be switched with the boost controller to cut in for power/tow mode.

In regards to increasing boost, i'm thinking of a dual stage gated manual boost controller with in cabin switch for changing between high and low boost settings ( heard this may be illegal due to being able to change engine tune accidentally etc ?! ), low pressure set close to or on stock boost and high at somewhere near 14-18psi depending on egts and performance.

Im unsure of whether I'd need a piggy back chip or aftermarket engine management system to get to the power and torque or achieve the system i want, or if a diesel tuner could make this possible for me.

But before that all starts I want to get set up with some gauges for monitoring egt, boost and coolant temp. Was considering a wideband afr/lambda gauge for diesels but unsure if it will really be necessary if i get it tuned :? Is there any other gauges anyone would consider necessary ?

So whats your thoughts/constructive criticisms on the whole set up ?


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Post Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:22 pm

Re: TD Hilux .. Power up time

You might go better in the members section with a few pics..
or do both and drop a pic in here

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