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The TECH Sections are for TECH and that is all!!!

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Post Sat Jan 08, 2005 12:24 pm

The TECH Sections are for TECH and that is all!!!

Ok things in the Tech Sections are getting out of hand. There are too many threads with no Tech and too many replies with no Tech. There are also too many threads in the wrong Tech Sections.

So these are the new Rules for all of the Tech Sections.

1; Specific Make Sections are for Specific Make Tech Questions. Dont ask a question about putting a V8 in a Patrol in the General Tech Section. Ask it in the Nissan Section. As you dont ask should i buy MTRs or TSLs in the Nissan section, Ask this in General Tech.

2; No Chit Chat in the Tech Sections at all. Any Threads or replies that do not contain Tech or Questions reguarding Tech will be deleted. Not Moved they will be Deleted. Dont test the Moderators on this rule or you will risk being Banned from this site. If you reply and you are not adding to the Tech then your reply can and most likely will be removed.

3; I Rolled my ****** yesterday isnt Tech.

4; We went wheeling yesterday........ isnt Tech.

5;How good was Woodpecker/XRCC/PUOSU isnt Tech there is a Comps section for this.

5; There is a chit chat section to discuss what you did on the weekend.

Lastly yes i know a lot of us have been guilty of the above things in the past but things need to change. There are people that rarely use this site any more soley because the Tech sections are full of Junk. I am asking you all to help and try and clean this place up before it gets too far out of hand.

PS, Non of the above is in reference to a problem from any one person.


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Post Wed Mar 09, 2005 7:53 pm

The For Sale/Wanted sections are gone and that does not mean you can post them in here, if you do you will be getting a cat of nine tails across your arse, if this turns you on then you will be banned from the site :finger:
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Post Tue Apr 26, 2005 8:44 pm

Something that I have been thinking about, since I can`t and don`t read every post in here if you happen to see a topic that isn`t meant to be here or has gone way off topic please pm me and I`ll do what needs to be done.

This can be a way of everybody helping keep the toyota tech section just that toyota tech :D

Thank you and have a good day ;)


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Post Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:04 pm

Re: The TECH Sections are for TECH and that is all!!!

Just in case new ones have not read the rules for this section, it is for Toyota Tech Only, not For Sale or Wanted we have a section for that click on this link to go there
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