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200 series questions

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Post Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:39 am

200 series questions

Who has had experience with 200 series suspension after adding steel winch bar sliders bushbars and a aftermarket bash plate.
Also a water seperator

Cheers in return
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Post Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:34 pm

Re: 200 series questions

I have the tough dog big bore adjustables 2 inch. Work guys all run similar without issue. Have been ok but make sure bushes are checked at service as mine wern't and ended up metal on metal and friction caused a strut lower to snap on a high speed woop beach section. I was fair into it but toyota servicing was to blame for missing this i believe. Pays to check the settings on them occassionally. Not sure if its rocks hitting or what but if normally set on 5 i have seen them at 2 or 3 and it starts wallowing in the back. Mine runs @3.2 T with all the bits. Standard suspension was great until all the toys were added and it sagged fast (not possible to run what you mention with std shocks unless you want to bull doz everywhere . I think there is only 2 spring rates for front then rear 3 or 4. I run heaviest with roof rack & boxes. 1 grade lower might be smoother without load. I can however have mine loaded to the eyeballs and still not sitting low in rear.
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