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PICS OF THE ZOOK FORUM RIGS! Have you added yours?

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Post Sat Jul 02, 2005 5:02 pm

PICS OF THE ZOOK FORUM RIGS! Have you added yours?

Due to the number of threads being created just for the purpose of show a pic of your rig for fellow suzuki forum readers to view the 'PICS OF THE ZOOK FORUM RIGS!' thread has been recreated. A number of the photos that existed in the original thread are no longer there, so its time for a new begining.

"Please if possible update your Post in the Zook Forum Members thread at the top of the page and where possible briefly explain why you've modded your car in any particular way and mention what sort of terrain you drive."

But first a few rules!
Only ONE POST per USER! If you make changes to your rig then update your original post.
NO CHIT CHAT! If you want to chat about your rig create a thread in the members section Here If you allready have a members thread than place the link in your post. If you have a build up thread than include that link aswell.

If you have any problems with this then please PM me.

The old pics thread is located Here if you wish to just copy your old text or just want some extra inspiration.
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Location: Tumut, NSW

Post Sat Jul 02, 2005 5:28 pm

Here's mine to get it started.
I mainly drive steep loose rocky trails because that is what we have locally. Love rocks. Hate deep mud.

1985 NT Zook
1.6lt 16valve MPFI vitara engine
Stock 5speed gearbox
6.1 Transfer case
Vitara rear diff 5.12
Suzana front diff (hybrid vitara/dana)
Full hydro steering
Hilux springs front and rear
Track bar
45lt fuel tank
Braided brakelines
Extended wheelbase to 92.5inchs
Rancho 99012's all round
Custom offset rims
6 point cage
4 point harnesses
36' IROK's

The long and changing build up is located Here
My members thread is located Here
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Post Sat Jul 02, 2005 5:57 pm

1981 N/T Soft top
G13a 1.3 and 5 speed
2 inch lift EFS springs
235, 75 r 15 Maxxis 253 M/T's
Sliders, Front Bar, Rollbar
Hella Spotlights
Diff Breathers
Remote Central locking :D
Alpine head unit
Alpine Stacker
Sony speakers
coily steeing wheel :D
New Soft top
1 Litre running gear

I drive on whatever i end up at
update on trogdor

custom front bar
custom swing away tyre carrier with led tailights
30" Trepadors
roll bar
pro comp es3000's
control arms
?? lift springs
steering stabiliser
alpine stereo
and lots more
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Location: Perth WA.

Post Sat Jul 02, 2005 6:14 pm

I drive anything that i can drive

85' hightop duluxe holden drover (for now)
1.3, sports cam
extractors, 2" straight through system
RUF with 2" lifted springs - rear mount cut and welded 2" back.
front axle 20mm forward - redrilled spring perch.
cofap shockies on front and kyb on rear.
31x10.5s on 15x7 f100 rims
1" extended shackles - flat 5mm bar each side.
ARB front bar
Big Arse spotties x 4
Sagging rear door - spare now lives inside
Uhf - stereo with amp & 6x9s
1ltr Transfer case
3.9 diff ratios
4 degree bent front diff.
custom dents.

coming -
powertrax locker front - on lounge floor
welded rear - on lounge floor
new front diff.
2" bodylift.
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U SUK Zook Built and Sold.
New rig is 97 80 DX. 2" list 33s

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Post Sat Jul 02, 2005 6:43 pm


1986 holden drover softop ute
G13a Race spec'd, webber and Pod style filter :D
2in exhaust system
Custom tray
4 point roll cage
Custom springs: RUFF, Lux rears out back
Custom rear shaft
31's on custom 8's
1984 Hilux dualcab.


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Post Sat Jul 02, 2005 7:11 pm

My rig
90 soft top cut into a ute like every one else
4 point harnness
g13b with 121 injection and maybe a turbo in the next few weeks
5 speed
6.5 gears
lux diffs
ruf with dropped hangers and extended shackels
hilux rears out back with e/s again
ranchos all round
35x 13.5 baja bias
bit over 92" w/b and just under 2m wide
commadore power steer pump, vitara box, tarago pitman arm
rear wheel disconnect (yet to be installed, hopefully soon)
And other mods I forget
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Its a wheelbase thing

RB zook

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Location: Sydney, or @ newy on weekends

Post Sat Jul 02, 2005 8:14 pm

my zook

96 coily soft top
hilux diffs
shaved diffs
2 inch wheel spacers
4 link front and rear
welded f&r
series 3 rockhopper
3 inch virtual lift
3 inch suspention lift
3inch body lift
33 inch bf baldies(going to be 35 mtrs real soon)
wb of 84.5
bout 98:1 crawl ratio
custom front and rear
custom sliders
AND a modified fuel tank ;)
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TOYZUKI 96 coily zook,lux diffs, 3 inch suspension lift,3 inch body lift, 33'sMTRS,series 4 hopper,power steer,twin air lockers,4 LINK front and rear,2 inch spacers(GOT WIDTH)


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Location: back in the bush ;)

Post Sun Jul 03, 2005 10:50 am


drive rocky hils, a bit of mud and the beach, namely stockton beach and mount sugarloaf.

old rig
6:1 xfer
5.29 hilux diffs
shackle reversal
rears up front
hilux rears
procomp adj shockies
roll cage
37" mts
15x10" rims
IFS front hubs
custom fuel tank
86.5" wheel base
530mm chassis height

heres a pic

new beast

stock as a rock (except recaro seats) LWB ute $1300
sr20det on the way

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Post Sun Jul 03, 2005 7:24 pm

89 softop
1.3 GTi engine
Stock 5 speed
S3 t case
31 MTRs on 15 x 7
2" extended shackles
2" enforcer springs
VS commo shocks all round
1" body lift
Front And Rear lockrights
Sliders ARB winch bar custom rear bar

I'll drive anything but prefer rock.
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Post Sun Jul 03, 2005 9:30 pm

My zook

I usualy drive mud, being from tassie it comes natural :finger: but i want to go play with the big boys in the rocks soon.

89 wt
2inch bl
SOA on 4.88 lux diffs
near dead 1300 (eather ca18det or 4agze to go in its place)
34" mongrels (want 35 claws)
X-over stearing
double cardon lux shafts F&R
other random crap!
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Post Sun Jul 03, 2005 10:35 pm

my new sierra

its red
1.3L 5speed
2in shackeles
2in body lift not in yet but should be do soon
2in leafs
bull bar

thing id like to do and if anyone has this stuff and they would like to sell pm me

do all the gearing
hilux diffs (locked)

spoa (i would pay someone to do pm me if it cheap)

if you can help let me know im after any profomence part if you have and what to sell pm me i what my zook to kick ass
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Location: in the shed cutting/grinding/welding mocks old shit vic

Post Mon Jul 04, 2005 1:26 pm

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Post Mon Jul 04, 2005 2:13 pm

86 sierra soft top but with fibre glass canopee
standard apart from 30inch bfg muddies on 7inch sunrasias.
and a custom front bar from DNENGINEERING (i built it).
and airhorns.

will make soon: rock sliders. rear bar

want to get a 2inch spring lift and 1.5inch extended shakles 1l sierra tcase new stereo 32 inch mongrels.

drive on mostly rock and dirt in the mtns.

check out thread in the members section: ... hp?t=47766
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Post Mon Jul 04, 2005 4:52 pm

My little beast is an 88.5 WT Sierra

Likes to be drive in clay, a bit of mud, and rocks when i can find them


1.3L Motor (waiting for this to die)
Spring Over using standard springs
5.12 Diff Gears
34" LTB Swampers on 2.5" BS Rims
Hella LEDs in NT Rear Bar :cool:
A little bit of bling

Coming Soon:

Custom Winch Bar with Hi Mount :twisted:
Hopefully Air Lockers front and rear (when funds permit :cry: )
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Location: Wheeling in my backyard

Post Mon Jul 04, 2005 5:42 pm

1984 1/2 Sierra soft top
1.6 Carb Vitara engine
1.3ltr 5 speed gearbox
6.1:1 series 3 rock hoppers
4.6 MQ patrol diffs (welded rear, Lokka front)
Rear springs in front (chassis extension)
Buggy leaf rear (diff moved back)
Extended shackles
2" body lift
36" Simex ET2's
15x10 Beadlocks
Vitara power steer
9500lb winch on custom bar
Twin optima batteries
Ute conversion
Aftermarket seats
4 point cage

To come:
60 series cruiser diffs, roof, rear wall

I drive:
Mud, clay, pebbles (Victorian rock) and shopping centre's
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Location: Darwin N.T.

Post Mon Jul 04, 2005 5:48 pm


i'm Steve from darwin. We have mostly dust or mud depending on season.
mostly built for shooting/hunting/camping. nothing hardcore, just softcore.
(but really, i just wanna show them cruiser, hilux and patrol guys)

1989 SWB Vitara
driveway paint green, was blac
WEBER 32/36 DGAV carby
standard 1600cc (g16a)
extractors (4-2-1)
2" exhaust
standard drive train, 5 speed manual, 5.12 diff ratios.
rear lock right locker
rear 3" lifted coils, long rear shocks (180SX coils)
front 2" coil spacers, Mount flip, OME struts
Simex Centipede 31"x10.50"x15"
Tube Front and Rear Bars
Fuel Tank Lift (3")
Custome rear X-Member
Spotties on front bar
Custom FastBack style soft top.
75mm rubber flares (as required by Mr. Plod)
removed rear seats
removed carpet
Sony MP3 head unit
Sony 6" in front doors
Sony 6"x9" in rear panels

To Do List:
needs roll cage or maybe exo
crawler gears
Steel front diff (w/ locker)
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1995 Vitara:
stock standard


Mr Emu

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Location: Sydney / Central Coast

Post Mon Jul 04, 2005 8:04 pm

89 WT soft top
reco engine
235/75R15 BFG muddies on sunnies
2inch bodylift, but now gone.
2inch extended shackles
Rears Up Front, rro kit
2 inch lifted springs (ome)
Rear draw storage system
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Post Tue Jul 05, 2005 12:56 am

Im Ryan from Perth.

SPOA on standard springs
32 mongrels
1.3l engine
standard transfer case

Soon to come:
5:14:1 calmini tcase (on the way)
welded f + r
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Post Wed Jul 06, 2005 7:24 pm

+2" King srping
Rancho 5000s
30" Mud Terrains on 15 x7s
More to come when I make my mind up!



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Post Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:03 pm

This is my zook


JX 1.3 litre
was SPOA (crap)
OME shocks
2 x N70ZZ dual batt's incab monitor
2 x alternators
235/75/15 BFG M/T'S
HID head light's
2x narva's 1 spot 1 spread
2x hella's Driving
caddy light
Shaw flow pump 2 outlets+shower
60ltr water tank
uniden uho89 uhf + 9db antenna
am cb
7"lcd +DVD+PS2+TV
pioneer cd + 6x9's
consule fridge
40l engel
under bonnet compressor
300watt inverta


2" lift
and lot's off other stuff
f+r air locca (very soon)
climax drop shackles f+r
edit3 times

new ARB deluxe winch bar
good spot for the fridge
in car nav
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God Of Emo

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Location: Newy, home of the ZOOK (Rockin the 'diff)

Post Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:09 pm

My zook

90 soft top
spoa on flat springs
31 mtr's for road and light work
32 tsl/sx on -28 offset rims for the good shit
extractors and exhaust
5.14 calminis
ez locker rear
will be welded front when i bother fitting my welded front centre
custom rear lights and tube rear bad
ARB front bar
custom draws and gear
hella spotties and H4 style headlights with re-wired loom
sony CD player
lots of other small crap

Usually broken.

Built for rocks, as mud is Grimace. ( i am a nsw person after all)


Edit: sorry sierrajim, i forgot to add this in when i clicked the pic. Cheers.
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Post Thu Jul 07, 2005 6:33 pm

My Zook

198 LWB 1 Litre
3" Spring Lift
31" All terrains

Future mods:
1.6 EFI Conversion with auto
Hilux T-Case
And some wider diffs :lol:

LWB Goodness

Pic when she still ran
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Location: PERTH W.A.

Post Thu Jul 07, 2005 9:57 pm

My Vit,

93 jx man 1.6 16v efi 4 door
2"body lift
coil lift with custom springs 3" in rear and just over 2" in front including 30mm coilspacers
strut flip mod
30x9.5 tyres on 7" steel spokes
special effects painting on lower half
k&n filter
bullbar of unknown origin (tjm)

6x9 speakers in rear for the groove.


Flares coming soon



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Location: SEQ

Post Fri Jul 08, 2005 4:11 pm



nothing serious. played with the suspension, got a front cig locker and some ghetto sliders. various speed holes. exo coming.

fav terrain:

you should see my other driveway
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ht zook with bog, rust and mt's

this is my wheelbase |<-------->|


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Location: QLD

Post Fri Jul 08, 2005 11:10 pm

Ton's Zook

Hey Guys,

This is my 1994 Sierra. As you can see no big modifications as of yet besides the 4 point rollbar and self re-carpeting (marine carpet)

(rollbar was not on when photos taken)

She's been over to Moreton and other sandy destinations and loves it so with the a couple of future mod's abit later down the track I'm sure the beach isn't the only place she'll be going

Basic Stuff
- 5 Speed 1.3
- Leaf Springs

great site to visit - (check out their online shop)

Future Mod's
- Nudge Bar
- Home-made Snorkel
- 2-4inch suspension lift
- 31-33inch MTR-ATR Tyres
- Bikini Top
- Extractors

If any one has any information or that may help me would be great if ya could send it through.
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Location: Roxboro, NC USA

Post Sat Jul 16, 2005 11:51 am

Here is my rig:

1988 Zuk
Mods: Mods include a Winch bumper by Paul Plante, Warn XD-9000 Winch, Rocky Road Crawler II rear bumper, Olive Hill Welding aluminum rocker guards and aluminum bed mounted tool box, 2" shackle reverse suspension lift by Calmini, SPOA using RRO pads, TSL Super Swamper Radials 32 x 10.50 x15. OME steering stabilizer, Acme Adapters Hi-Steer, Lockright Rear Locker, 5.38 Yukon Gears in stock housings, 4.16 T-case by TT, Flat River Off-Road T-case arms, Hardcore 4x4 T-Case Skid Plate, Kidde Fire Extingusher, Herculined interior, Radio Shack CB, Wal-Mart Radio, Optima Red Top Battery, Flat River Off-Road Diff Guards, Flat River Off-Road rock rails, NO JEEP sticker, factory road runner horn. 1st gear crawl ratio is 81.689 3500 rpms = 49.325 mph

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Post Sat Jul 16, 2005 1:57 pm

Type: Geo Tracker
Engine: 1.6 8V
Transmission: stock 5 speed
Transfer Case Gears: stock
Diff Gears: stock
Lockers: no lockers, just a welder
Tires: 34/9.50/15 TSL's
Wheel/Backspacing: who knows? i paided 40 bucks for um.
Body Lift: 3in calmini modifiyed
Front Suspension Lift: 4 door coils(bad idea) with coil spacers(had coil sag in front)
Front Differential Housing: alu.
Front Brakes: stock(soon to be 4 door)
A-Arms: stock
CVs: broken
Rear Suspension Lift: 100% stock
Rear Axle: stock


Thats not me in the pic, my steering wheel in on the other side :D



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Location: Melbourne Victoria

Post Sat Jul 16, 2005 9:00 pm

Hi i am Simon and am new to the Outer Limits 4X4 board so thought i would let you know what i have.

1984 Zook Sierra Hard Top.
4 speed transmission.
2 inch exhaust.
75mm body lift.
Standard Leaf Springs and Shocks.
31 Inch Simex Centepedes (More like 32.5's).
Speedy offset rims 15x7's.
Sports Bucket seats.
And the usual Panel Damage..

Soon hoping for an engine upgrade to a 1.6lt.
and a 5 speed tranny. i need some more top end speed
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Location: louisiana, usa

Post Sun Jul 17, 2005 2:07 am

my zuk

Here's my zuk. The specs are

1990 samurai jl

97 1.6 16v
rro 6" spoa with trail tough yj kit
4.16 to 1 t. case
4.62 differential gears
side kick power steering
hurculined interior
toyota supra seats
home made panhard bar
home made aluminum winch bumper
toyota dc driveshaft with rat adapters
warn 8000 xi winch
home made rear bumper
33x13.50x15 duper swamper ltb's
eagle 589 wheels
bushwacker fender flares
probably more i'm forgetting

my wish list is 35" boggers, toy axle's and more motor

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cut 4B

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Location: sandy beach

Post Sun Jul 17, 2005 9:03 am

My rig

88 wide track cut into a ute
sprung over
rears up front extendered shackels all round
5.12s and lockrites front and rear
custom front diff housing with high steer
braced rear diff housing
1.3 l with extactors and a pod (maybe a 660 turbo soon)
s/3 rock hopper
32 mongels on road
33 boggers off
flipped rims
vitara p/s and four wheel disk brakes
cusom soft top
half cut engeneered tube bar and tray
and a custom bonnet scoop.
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building the zook trail rig

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