Post Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:27 am

Sierra with Vitara P/S - Box problem

Hi all,

My 91 Sierra with Vitara PS setup has just developed an issue. All of a sudden the steering became very "notchy" and something wasn't feeling right. I have found that the steering shaft uni was buggered and was definitely the main problem. I have a new one coming in the mail. Unfortunately I still have an issue with the box though. On "center" it is very tight, and the adjustment screw doesn't seem to change this at all. The adjustment screw will only move about 1/4 turn. (This doesn't seem right to me??)... So, my question is:

Is there a simple fix for the 'tight box' (haha) on center, given that the adjustment screw doesn't seem to help? If so, can anyone advise what the correct adjustment procedure is?


Because the box leaks like a sieve anyway, I would be interested in a new one. So if someone has a good one that doesn't leak at the right price I will be very interested - please let me know! (I have also put a Wanted ad in the classifieds section - I am moving house at the moment so I am in a hurry. The pressure is on :crazyeyes: ).

Cheers, Pez
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