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Rolled G13a, where to start looking for damage engine wise?

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Post Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:48 am

Rolled G13a, where to start looking for damage engine wise?

Good Morning all

Alright so in a bid to get the misses a bit interested in 4wding I've been keeping an eye out for any sierra's going cheap locally.
Found one sitting in a guys backyard that's doing nothing in particular, it has been rolled, but not written off. There's a bit of damage to the front clip, doors and windscreen surround/roof (it's a softtop). I've had a look see at it and seems to be withing my capabilities to be called a fixer-up. I also think it is a pretty good price, as if the misses loses interest, i can part it out and shouldn't be out of pocket any play money (that is money used to play with toys).

The biggest concern I have with it, is the intake manifold and carb have been removed and sold off. I'm told the engine hasn't been started since the roll over, and was running fine before said accident (<200,000km).
So what I'm after knowledge of anything I should be on the look out for, that if you were in my shoes you would be on the look out for?
Should I pull the sparkies out and get a breaker bar on the crank and try turn it over?
Should i be looking for water in the oil and visa versa?
I'm scratching my head to try and think of anything else, but drawing blanks.

Whatever the outcome i'm probably going to pick it up, my local wreckers have a drover with a complete intake and carb, worst case the engine's had the boot, and I swap something else into it. But if i can find something that may support damage to the engine it may give me grounds to haggle the price down more win = win.

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Post Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:31 am

Re: Rolled G13a, where to start looking for damage engine wi

It really shouldn't have anything wrong with the engine unless he hydrolocked it with the head full of oil.

Turn it over with the breaker bar, check the fluids, check the distributor housing on the back of the block for cracks. If they have a broken engine mount it can hit the firewall in a decent roll.
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