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Tips on posting pics-

Thanks to Tiny-

Tiny wrote:This is for those who don't know how to post pics, please don't ask elsewhere, it is here, there is no excuse, if you can't figure it out, use the test forum, this link will take you there

To post pics on this site, you need to upload them to a picture hosting website like there are plenty otheres, but photobucket is very common and is 100% free to use and supplies you with the correct code to input into forums. It is prefered that you re-size your pics to 640x480 before posting them on this site. You can use Photobuckets editing feature to do this.

so once you upload the pic into the pic hosting website you can link it across to this site. you can just post a link that people can click, however if you want it to be displayed in your post, the following code will be needed



the img code needs to have the link or URL for the pic in between, if you use photo bucket you can copy the entire code from the photobucket website

if the website does not have this option, or you cant find the spot to copy the code you can copy the url from the top of the browser and past it in between the img tags

so the url for the img would be say this

you then need to put it between the img tags like this [img][/img]

you can type the img tags manually of click the img tab on the top of the post page then paste the link then click the img tab again, this will insert the tags \ code required



will out put this


again, if you are not sure, test in the test section

if you still can't manage to post pics.....well nuff said
:roll: [/code]

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