Post Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:38 pm

A little tip to make your stay more enjoyable-

The following is not a rule. It is simply a suggestion to make your stay in the forum more enjoyable

This is a forum, we have virtually unlimited capacity to hold letters within a post. There is no reason to use abbreviated TXTspeak here, full stop. You are sitting at full sized keyboard and can probably spell correctly faster on that keyboard than you can spell (TXTspeak) incorrectly on it, assuming you have been to school in the last 10 yrs where keyboard skills are routinely taught.

We can and will cope with minor spelling errors and mis-types, as everyone does it. We would generally prefer that people try as much as they can to use adequate and appropriate punctuation, and that capital letters are used at the start of sentences and for proper nouns for clarity and etiquette.

There are some of us crusty old farts that are definitely two fingered typists, that seem to take more pride in their online presentation, despite being far slower as typists that the young'uns who can blaze off 60-80 words per minute.

Please just try to be clearly legible to everyone.