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GQ handbrake on rear diff

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Post Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:16 am

GQ handbrake on rear diff

G'day Patrol folk,

Just posted this on that Patrol 4x4 forum and thought it might be of some use to someone here..

Background: I'm building a Jeep TJ Wrangler and am currently putting GQ diffs under it. 3-link panhard front and 4-link panhard rear. High pinion rear centre with 0.7mm shim in LSD, front detroit and chromoly axles. Shaved pumpkins.

GQ rear diffs with discs have the handbrake mounted to the transfer case rear output. I had an old FJ40 and a GQ with the same setup and I could never get them to work well. I'm sure they can be adjusted to work though.

The Jeep doesn't have the handbrake on the output shaft so I was looking at how to add a handbrake to the rear diff, either with a drum in disc, which is usually shit, or a hydraulic/mechanical caliper. I figured something out yesterday that I couldn't find elsewhere on the net. Forgive me if it's been done before..

Some Toyota guys use Subaru Leone front calipers for disc conversions in solid axle Hilux's and 40's/55's/60's - with a custom bracket. I had some in the shed from an old project. They're a single 46mm piston sliding hydraulic caliper with a mechanical cam operated cable mechanism too.

I lined up the Leone caliper next to the Patrol rear hub. The caliper bolt spacing and offset are way off, but... the Leone calipers slide pins are the same bolt spacing as the Patrol cradle slide pins. Patrol rear caliper has a 46mm piston too. Perfect!

1. Patrol caliper cradle is removed. Two 19mm bolts where the red arrows point to. I did the sweet drawing on my phone so go easy!

2. Shows the caliper held to the cradle. The Leone and Patrol calipers and cradle is effectively the same design. Unbolt the red bolt 12mm on Patrol and 14mm on Leone. The blue arrow shows the other slide pin with the grease cap. Leave it as-is.

3. Twist the caliper on the remaining slide pin to clear the cradle and pull it apart. The grove will stick in the rubber boot but just pry it back. 1 in pic is the caliper, 2 is the cradle and the red arrow is the slide pin.

4. Unbolt the slide pin. 10mm on Patrol and 12mm on Leone.

5. The only mod needed is to the Patrol cradle slide pin bolt holes. The Leone has 10mm x 1.25mm bolts and threaded holes. The Patrol has 8mm bolts. Drill the Patrol cradle slide pin bolt holes to 8.5mm then use an m10 x 1.25mm tap.

Now just bolt the Leone calipers to the Patrol cradle in the reverse of how it came apart using the Leone slide pins and bolts. Use the Patrol cradle hardware in the cradle and Patrol pads. Now it can be bolted to the hubs. The brake lines fit straight to the Leone calipers too! Just bleed the brakes.

Funnily enough, the Leone pads fit the Patrol cradle too but the 'pad swept area' is reduced so the Patrol pads will be more effective. And they're cheaper.

You guys would need to run a cable to the mechanical section of the caliper but should be able to pillage one from a Hilux or something similar. Could also work for cutting brakes and front digs, which is what mine will be set up for.



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Post Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:48 am

Re: GQ handbrake on rear diff

Well done
Can you add finished pix or link to Patrol site?
Hopefully you are doing both sides?

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