Post Fri Oct 28, 2016 3:44 pm

2011 Gu 5 speed hard to change gears

Hi All,

170kms GU 5 speed - have trouble pulling in and out of gear (especially first) also hard to change down - have changed oil to VMX 80 , have used some Nulon G70 (made 4th synchro worse) and have bled the clutch. I drive in city traffic every day and it actually hurts my arm by the end of the week! Double clutching does improve the shift. Gears change fine when engine off and sitting in driveway.

What are your thoughts? - I'm thinking clutch but no slip and reasonably low mileage (was a country car up until 150kms). About to pull the box out and replace clutch but would hate to reinstall and find it was the gearbox.