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electronic fuel pump on a 92gqefi (lpg/petrol

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Post Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:43 am

electronic fuel pump on a 92gqefi (lpg/petrol

G'day guys,
I am having problems getting the vehicle to fire on petrol.
I filled it up, and then drove up the toll-way to Doncaster (on petrol) to babysit the grand-kids, and then, later on drove home again on petrol.

Not a whisper of a problem. The next morning I went to start it on petrol, and ? nothing! It would start and run on LPG and for the last week this has remained the case.

thinking that It may be the combination switch (i.e.. petrol to LPG), I replaced that, and still nothing.

I then checked the relay which on this conversion is behind the battery box, but the relay clicks when ignition turns on, so I am assuming that this relay is functional.

Next, I listened at the fuel port, (where you re-fuel), and had someone turn on the ignition, to hear if the pump primed, (It didn't).

So, I went under the vehicle with a 12v tester, and inserted the prong into the junction to the fuel tank, and had someone turn on the ignition, there was no power at all at this point.

Ringing around several friends with 4x4 experience, I am informed that there should be a fuse, which controls the fuel pump relay, but i have checked all of the fuses in the kick panel beside the accelerator, and they are all "good", is there another fuse panel somewhere else.

I have an old Gregories (I think) Nissan manual, which shows fuses behind the battery, but on this vehicle (1992 GQ EFI) there aren't any fuses were the book indicates, can anyone assist me with this problem?
I hope that you can assist me


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Post Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:09 am

Re: electronic fuel pump on a 92gqefi (lpg/petrol

In general most vehicles have a main fuse box under the bonnet. This is the one that usually does the engine elecricals. (ie, fuel pump, a/c, etc )
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Post Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:39 am

Re: electronic fuel pump on a 92gqefi (lpg/petrol

In between guard and battery under a black metal cover are the fuse and relay for fuel pump.
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