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LED load resistors for indicators.

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Post Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:18 am

LED load resistors for indicators.

Got me stuffed.

Trying to help a mate out to fit LED lights to the rear of his ute. Got LED resistors for the indicators, but I have heard of 3 different ways of wiring them up. I have LED indicators in my rear bar, and wired the resistors up in series in the power wire to the indicators- 1 resistor to each rear indicator. These work as they should, and have been fitted for about 2 years.

Instructions given with the resistors bought for my mate says to connect one end of the resistor to the indicator power wire, and the other end to the earth return.

We did both of these, and the indicators are really dull, but flash at the correct rate. They were so dull, we reverted back to the original lights, rather than risk a fine for not using indicators. I THINK the issue is these resistors are 12V50Watt, which seems way too much.

Checking on the net, and the Narva site is saying connect one end of the resistor to the indicator power wire, and the other end to the chassis. We are going to try a different pair of resistors, to see if the above 50 watt pair have too much resistance for the job.

But which way is the correct way to hook them up?

Its a Great Wall V240 single cab ute. Yes, I know, that may be 3/4 the problem.
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Post Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:45 pm

Re: LED load resistors for indicators.

May be better with the appropriate flasher unit. I believe both Narva and Hella make a suitable LED compatible flasher unit.
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