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Thermo fan info

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Re: Thermo fan info

stuee wrote:
Blythe wrote:Hi guys - this is my first post here.

I have just fitted an AU fan assembly to my 94 disco which has a 4.6 RR motor in it - gets up to running temp much faster, fine on the flat, fine on undulating hills and fine in the city but on long uphill runs it gets hotter than with the original. never got above 85 with the viscous fan (viscous frozen which is why I have replaced it) but going up the M1 out of Adelaide yesterday it hit 95c

I am using a TM2 to control it via an external relay. Love the TM2 very accurate, not sure about the AU fans though. I am going to fit fatter wire to it (6mm2) to make sure the juice is getting through ok as I fitted it with 3mm2 since that was all I had but I think I have an unacceptable voltage drop, which I haven't actually measured yet.


As far as I know the EFI operating temp of the rover motors is around 87 degrees anyway (82 for a carby). My disco (97 3.9v8) regularly reaches 95 as I have the switch set to come on around this time and cool down to around 90 as if you go below the operating temp it can mess with your fuel consumption.

Interesting Stuee, that could be part of the reason why it's never had as good a fuel consumption as other discoveries, wrong thermostat fitted? i could have always be running rich.

I might bump the cut in temp up again then.

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Re: Thermo fan info

I have a 2.6 petrol Pajero with twin 10 inch davies craig thermo fans, Also have a HKS mechanical temp gauge fitted. Off road in low range with a bit of loud pedal it doesn't get over 90. On the highway with the fans off at 100kph it sits on 80. Before it had a stuff clutch fan and no shroud so it got hot reasonably quick.

I guess I'm happy with the davies craig fans but i expected a bit more flow but oh well.
1986 SWB NC Pajero.


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Re: Thermo fan info

i just got my 16" spal from this mob,, baz is awesome to deal with and the service can not be faulted!, and well there price is pretty awesome to! they currently have a special on the 16" units at the moment :armsup:
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