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best budget diffs GU vs 80 vs MOG vs D60

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best budget diffs GU vs 80 vs MOG vs D60

Gday, I did a search but couldnt find any definative answers. I want to run 37's with 550hp in a 2 tonne vehicle i want to be able to drive aggresively without fear of breaking stuff and i want to be able to jump it, would prefer high pinion front and maybe rear. i currently have gq diffs but i dont think even upgraded that they will be up to standard. i appreciate everyones input and experiences and feel free to ask your own questions in the thread. say a budget of 4000 for front and rear
GU: will stock axles and cv's handle what i want and if upgraded will the knuckles handle it?
80: as above, compared to GU which has better brakes and which is strongest when upgraded?
MOGS: after the added cost of pinion and disc conversions on top of the higher purchase price will the stock knuckles and axles etc be strong enough? will they handle high speed driving on 37's
D60: is stock strong enough if not what needs to be upgraded?
thanks in advance, Mat


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Re: best budget diffs GU vs 80 vs MOG vs D60

D60s built properly will be strongest.
You can look around and source a hp front 8 lug front and similar rear.
Try googling for the US parts importer guy near Euroa Vic... met him but buggered if I can remember his name.
I had a set of high pinion danas a few years ago sold them to a guy in qld for a buggy build. Rear was big axle full float disc brake too...
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Re: best budget diffs GU vs 80 vs MOG vs D60

I would not bother answering - looks like he is a spammer from vietnam.
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