Post Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:37 pm

Coil rear end.

Ok so either I cant search for sh!t, or there just isnt anything on it.

Mate has a '98 Rodeo DC and is after more travel out of the rear (I conned him into forgetting about the front for now).
Now, Ive seen some Jacks getting around with coil rear ends, and the cogs turned and I figured why not follow the Surf/Lux boys and cut all the links and brackets off.
Trouble is, cant find nothing....

So. Since I dont have either car to compare with, Is anyone able to tell me the differences between the 2, and whether it will work?
Or just fuggeddabowdit and just drop in GQ diffs (yaaawn)....

Ive seen coil converted cars regod in QLD, but not sure whether its engineerable and Transport worthy. And Im not reading the Laws book as it dont make much sense to me.

Thanks for the help.