Post Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:19 am

Brisbane Challenge Facility.... Maybe!

Guys, I do volunteer work, at Lakeside Raceway. I get on very well with the owner of the track and was talking to him the other day about a 4wd challenge track. Now he is ok with the idea providing it would be used and people are willing to actually pay for the facility to be built at Lakeside.

So I've had a few ideas, and I guess I'm asking you for some as well. Lakeside is an historical race venue but has scope to provide quite a large 4wd challenge track. I've scoped most of the facility and a track can run around most of the out side of it permitier.

The idea so far is to set out a number of challenges such as water crossings, bolder walls, steep climbs and winch challenges. The idea is that each vehicle will take off, and compete against the clock, ( each vehicle will have a transponder on for computer timing). A number of challenges will be built around the facility for you to negotiate.

That's the basic idea, and hopefully attract some sponsors to provide prizes.
Your say time, what sort of challenges would you like to see? what price would you be willing to pay for practice ( per vehicle) and what price would you be willing to pay for a comp round. Speeking of comp rounds how many per year? Bearing in mind to this drivers would be insured and licensed. ( Rcae licence can be obtained from QR directly).

Ok How about it, any suggestions?
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